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BLU FORES HR provides professional HR services in two areas, as In-House Consultancy and Outsourcing Services to companies that want to take themselves one step further, whether they already have a corporate structure or are in the process of forming a corporate structure.

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What is In-House Consulting Services?

HR Consultancy

What is In-House Consulting Services?

We analyse your organisation’s HR processes according to its cooperate needs and then help restructure or re-establish them. According to the data obtained from the Needs Analysis Report, we produce quick solutions and prepare the most suitable plan for you with professional HR support so that you can reach your corporate goals.

HR Outsourcing

What is Outsourcing Services?

We provide the opportunity for one or more functions or the entire HR department to be managed for you. We provide HR services by assigning a professional HR specialist to companies that do not have an HR department or who do not have enough resources to manage all their HR functions.

What is Outsourcing Services?

Our Difference in TRNC

Our expertise in Human Resources

Importance of Outsourcing in Human Resources Management

  • Saving time
  • Personnel cost savings
  • Increased company flexibility
  • Increasing department productivity
  • Opportunity to work with professionals
  • Minimizing the difficulties experienced in reaching competent personnel


Our Solutions

What We Can Do For You

Recruitment is a long and stressful procedure. Therefore, BLU FORES HR helps you find the qualified workforce your company needs in a short period, with the awareness that the biggest cost is time. Finding the best talent means corporate image, therefore, BLU FORES HR does this by protecting your corporate interests. BLU FORES HR manages your onboarding process to help new talent adapt quicker to the company culture while encouraging employee engagement to help you retain the talent. It also creates job descriptions in line with the company’s goals and strategies, performs job analyses and determines the net headcount you need. We help determine the performance criteria based on each position and prepare your company for its performance management process. Career development is synthesised with training and performance and then carefully coordinated with the career development process of successful employees according to their performance evaluation results. We manage the salary scale structuring process in a professional manner and make recommendations considering both employee and employer interests. In short, while we take over the daily HR tasks with an expert team, we technically take the operational workload off of you; which then creates time for you to reach your strategic goals and enables you to channel your work into new areas; because BLU FORES HR is your innovative and target-oriented HR solution partner.

Employee Retainment

By applying HR Metric measurements, we improve the processes and also find the source of the problem and offer solutions.


Standardising the recruitment processes and using an Application Tracking System, saves time and provides professionalism.

Performance and Career Management

Providing reporting and feedback as a result of determining short and long-term goals and competencies by establishing processes.

Compensation & Benefits

A well-designed salary structure provides a fair system and also allows for rewarding performance and development.


To integrate the recruited talent in a short time and to manage the onboarding process.

Human Resources Planning

To create job descriptions for current employees in line with the company’s goals and strategies.

Procedure and Form Management

We prepare all HR procedures and forms that are needed for your company.

Personnel Management

It takes over personnel management of companies that do not have an HR department or that have a department but want to transfer the operational workload to take the opportunity to channel itself towards its strategic goals.


Importance of Outsourcing in Human Resources Management

Human resource management is of great importance for all small-medium-large businesses. Today, many companies have realised that the way to increase productivity is through employee motivation and have therefore started to produce solutions in this area. Although employee management seems simple, the human factor makes the job extremely difficult.


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